Archive | November, 2011

Rebounding 35 minutes

25 Nov

I could not seem to pull myself together for this one.  I was tired, off balance, and moving slow.  Somehow I managed to push myself through it.  Because I was feeling a bit rough, I just did mainly a light cardio routine with a bit of ‘rests’ in between of core and upper body.


Step and 6 lb Med Ball

20 Nov

The winter is coming…I can feel it already.  There is a chill in the air and the sky turns dark before I have time to go out there and play! By the time I get home from work it is dark and chilly. I was able to maintain my outdoor routines over the past few chilly winters, and I hope to do the same this winter.  But this week, I stayed warm and cozy inside.  Here is a 40 minute step and med ball routine.

KB workout

8 Nov

Been running, doing plyometrics and climbing and as a result my ankles and heels are bothering me again.  It is important to listen to what your body is saying and mine is telling me less heel striking and more throwing kbs!  Here is a 35 minute KB workout.  I am using the 12 kg/ 26 lb and the 16 kg/35 lb kettlebells for this one. I cut it down a bunch, but sorry it is still a bit long…your going to have to use your fast forward:)

*Please be advised that the kettlebell training seen here is advanced.  Do not attempt these movements without supervision and instruction by a kettlebell instructor.  If these movements are preformed incorrectly, it WILL cause injury.