6 lb Medicine Ball- 35 min

25 Dec

There is so much fun to be had with a med ball!  One can have a full upper body, lower body, core, and cardio workout with nothing but a medicine ball.  Of course med balls are much more fun to throw against the ground or walls (a GREAT workout) but finding such space in NYC is not always easy.  Also more fun is having a partner to throw around the ball with.  But we must make do with what we have!  I hope to show you some med ball partner work and outdoor med ball work in future videos.

*Please be advised that some med ball exercises displayed here are more advanced and should not be attempted unless alongside a certified trainer or if you have advanced experience with the med ball.  The following are a list of the advanced exercises and how you can modify them to be safe:

Instead of doing push ups off the med ball, do push ups off the floor or an elevated surface if needed. 

Instead of doing planks off the medicine ball, do them with your hands on the floor instead.

Instead of medicine ball jumps (jumping over the ball), just jump in place. 

In exercises where I have one foot on the med ball doing squats, be sure to have a surface to hold onto to ensure balance or just have both feet on the floor.

MOST IMPORTANT–DO NOT attempt the med ball stands or squats (standing on the med ball or squatting on it).  Just skip that entirely and do regular squats where your feet are on the floor.  It took me a lot of training to even attempt that and it is still super challenging.  It is not a necessary exercise for most. 

Happy Holidays!


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