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12 lb Dumbells-40 min

31 Jan

Here is a higher intensity workout using dumbells.  Select the appropriate dumbell weight that allows you do do the movements accurately.  I always encourage people to begin with just using one dumbell for a while.  This enables you to focus less on the weights and more on the movements.  You will see I do many movements with one dumbell alone.  Also, for those that do not quite have the agility or coordination yet: I encourage you to modify the ‘jump-overs’. It is easy to lose footing when jumping over equipment and the equipment can end up injuring you.  So do the same jumps that I do, except without the equipment underneath.  I also encourage those out there to not wear a thin white t-shirt when filming yourself doing exercise.  Not the most flattering idea. Anyhow, this is a fun one, so enjoy it!


High Intensity KBs-12kg for 30 min

26 Jan

This kettlebell workout includes movements that veer from the standard kettlebell movements.  Here I combined the basic KB movements with lunges, squats, and single-legged work.  This makes for an even higher intensity workout.  I want to thank Marianne from for inspiring me to get back to some of these higher intensity variations that I had veered away from for a while.  I also want to thank Melissa at for inspiring me to get back into my one-legged routines.   The whole intent of this blog was to make connections, get inspired and to possibly inspire, so thank you two ladies for your inspiration!

As I always say about the kettlebell workouts, be advised that before using kettlebells it is important to be instructed or supervised by a certified instructor.  Attempting KB movements without proper training can be dangerous.

Bosu-50 Minutes

15 Jan

The Bosu (apparently named this from the fact that you can have ‘BOthSidesUp’) is another great workout tool.  It requires more balance and coordination, so please only attempt if it is within your range of ability! If you choose to begin using the bosu, make sure you do the movements slowly and with careful form.  Modify the some exercises by holding onto something for balance. It is easy to slip up and an ankle, knee, or hip can be heading the wrong direction.  Additionally, you will notice I always integrate some kind of jumping within my workouts (jumping onto or over things–plyometrics).  I encourage you to modify the ‘jump-overs’ to regular jumps in place or to jumping jacks.

…and I have left the portion of the video where I am face down sprawled over the bosu….for your amusement of course:)


Are you a runner?

11 Jan

Nope, not really!  I don’t really know what categorizes someone as a ‘runner’ but I would not place myself in that category. To me a runner  is someone whose main fitness routine is running or doing sport specific training to enhance their running.  Often ‘runners’ are training for marathons and running in marathons.  I like and sometimes love running, but I do not consider it a huge part of my fitness routines.

Are you an athlete? No, not really.  To me an athlete has a specific sport that they compete in or play on a regular basis.  An athlete does sport specific training to enhance their skills in their sport.  Unfortunately, I never got into playing any specific organized team sport as I could never remember nor follow the rules:)

Are you a Girya lifter (competitor in Kettlebell/Girevoy Sport)? Nope, I am not quite that either!  In the past I did train to compete in Girevoy Sport lifting, but not anymore.  Now I prefer to integrate Girevoy sport lifting into my workout routines.

Martial Artist? Although I have trained with martial artists and I have studied various martial arts, I am not quite that either.  I would LOVE to get back into it on a competitive level though.  But I may be past my prime:)

So what am I? A cross-trainer.  I cross train for the purpose of lifelong health and well-being.  I train an average of 4-5 times a week anywhere from 20-50 minutes.  What do I do?  I use various equipment, body weight, or obstacles to push, to pull and to swing! I monitor my heart rate for all activities to ensure that I make good use of my training time.  Generally I keep my heart rate between 65-85% of my heart rate max.  Because I work out at a higher intensity I can keep my workouts under 50 minutes. If I am working out at a lower intensity, I will workout for a longer amount of time and if I am working out at a higher intensity, I will workout for a shorter amount of time.

So there you have it.  My goal is simple: to train for lifelong health and wellness.  My method is to push, to pull and to swing! So whatever it is that you are, whatever it is that you train in, whatever your goal is–just get out there and do it!

No Equipment-No Problem! (40 min)

7 Jan

Bodyweight exercises and calisthenics alone can provide you with all that you need to have a challenging workout.  When I travel I bring resistance bands (which are very easily packed) and I bring myself! That’s all I need to keep my fitness routine going when away from home.  Then I have at least 3 choices: to run, to do resistance bands, or to do bodyweight exercises.  While in Canada visiting family, this is just what I did to keep my routine going.

Side note: After viewing this video I realize how serious I appear when working out… I need to lighten up a bit:)