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9lb Body Bar-35 Minutes

16 Feb

The body bar is a great piece of equipment. It’s easy to grip, easy to store, and it is multifunctional. Give this routine a try…


16kg Kettlebell-40 Min

7 Feb

Yup folks, thats the 35 pound girevoy sport kettlebell.   You will likely not find this kind of kettlebell in the gym as it is specific to girevoy sport/kettlebell sport competitions. You will notice that the movements used with girevoy sport kettlebells are different from the movements used with the regular ‘hard style’ kettlebells (that are found in many gyms).  Stance and movement need to accommodate the increased weight and the shape of  the sport kettlebells.  For instance, I usually workout shoeless, but it is even more important to use minimal-heeled shoes or no shoes with these bells as an elevated heel combined with the weight and movements with the bell may cause knee and low back injury.

The main movements with the kettlebell include the clean, clean and jerk and the snatch.  When doing these movements you will notice that I follow the kettlebell with my head.  I tilt my head and neck down and my shoulders round when the kettlebell comes down in the arc.  The holding position is called the rack position. You will notice that when I am in the rack position I am holding the bell close to my body with my elbow resting on my hip and my hips are slightly thrusted forward.

This differs from movements with the hardstyle kettlebells.  When using your harddsyle kettlebells you want to keep a neutral head, neck and back through the movements.  Also there is no need to rest your elbow on your hip in the rack position when using hardstyle bells.

To be clear, the movements you see in this video (clean, clean and jerk, the snatch and the rack position) are specific to using the girevoy sport kettlebells.  These movements and the use of this kettlebell are for those with advanced girevoy sport training.  Do not attempt these movements if you do not fall into that category.  If that is the case please use the movements you see in my other kettlebell videos when I use the red or black 12 kg hardstyle kettlebell. 🙂