Archive | March, 2012

Step – 40 minutes

8 Mar

The step is a fun way to do your cardio.  You can make it a higher intensity workout by increasing speed and including more jumps on, around, or about the step AND you can make it a lower intensity workout by sticking to the basic movements at a slower pace.  Don’t forget to integrate your upper body resistance training and core work into your step mix.  Enjoy!


12kg Kettlebell-40 minutes

1 Mar

After a two week hiatus from working out, I jumped back into my kettlebell routine.  Taking brief breaks from working out is normal and sometimes needed.  But remember when you get back to it again, you need to listen to your body.  In this video you will catch me snoozing on the ‘job’.  Instead of pushing through and possibly causing myself injury, I let it happen.