Med Ball – 25 minutes

11 Oct

A new workout venue for me…my unfinished basement!  I have been so excited to clear it out so I can use it for my indoor workout space.   It has got everything I need to push, pull, and swing without concern for breaking anything.  In addition I have windows to let in the fresh air and sunlight.

When you do not have a partner to pass a medicine ball around with, the next best thing is a concrete wall.  Please be advised, however that medicine ball catching is not for the novice medicine ball user.  The ball tends to go directions unintended and can cause injury to the ‘catcher’.  I would recommend beginning a medicine ball ‘throwing’ routine with an experienced med ball user or fitness professional.  You throw the ball to them and they roll it back to you.  The squat you include when picking up the ball from the floor is a great addition to your workout.  Once you have that down, you can begin by practicing your catching on a lighter ball.  Increase the medicine ball weight gradually and make sure that the weight allows you to maintain good form.

Please note: The exercises seen here are specific to my fitness level, my doctor recommendations, and my pregnancy health. Please be advised that there are general guidelines for pregnant women to follow when considering a pregnancy fitness program ( It is not recommended to pursue a pregnancy fitness routine without approval from your physician.  


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