Low Intensity Kettlebell – 20 minutes

14 Oct

As you see, my belly is rapidly growing!  Baby and I are doing well and feeling pretty good (with the exception of those normal pregnancy discomforts).  As my body continues to change, I also change my fitness routines and how I use the equipment.

Although I am still able to use the kettlebell for some of it’s intended exercises, lately I am using it more as a tool to do bodyweight and calisthenic kinds of exercises such as stepping over it or using it to hold as I do a plank.  I suggest you view a pre-pregnancy kettlebell video along with this pregnancy kettlebell video so you can compare and see the adjustments and accommodations that have been made to meet the needs of my changing body.

Being able to adjust your exercise routine according to your current physical state is critical in making exercise and fitness a lifelong committment.  Of course if a doctor tells you not to exercise, you follow those orders.  But if you have medical clearance to exercise, there is always SOMETHING you can do.  If you are unsure of your exercise options, a certified fitness professional can help guide you through safe and effective exercises that meet your needs.

Please note: The exercises seen here are specific to my fitness level, my doctor recommendations, and my pregnancy health.  It is not recommended to pursue a pregnancy fitness routine without approval from your physician.  


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