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Postpartum Workout – Plyometric Box – 20 minutes

15 Jan

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The plyometric box (plyo box) is a great piece of equipment.  It’s intended use is for plyometric exercises.  Plyometric exercises or plyometrics uses explosive movements such as jumping  intended to increase speed, agility, and power.  In addition to improving muscle tone and the cardiovascular system, plyometrics also has shown to improve bone density. In my workout here, I am using the plyo box to do high stepping exercises, upper body exercises, and core exercises.  I am not ready to do my full plyometric routine yet as I stopped doing plyometrics when I was pregnant. I am working my way back into it.  Therefore, in this video you will see I am doing minimal jumping/plyometric exercises.

*Please be advised that plyometric exercises such as box jumping is advanced.  Do not attempt box jumps without supervision and instruction by a certified instructor.  If these movements are preformed incorrectly, it WILL cause injury.



Postpartum Workout – Dumbells – 20 Minutes

5 Jan

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Getting back into shape postpartum is a challenge for sure!  The obvious is the time constraint.  Once you find the time, then you have to ease back into your workout routine because the body is all ‘out of sorts’.  The muscles are not as strong as before, the joints are not yet stable, your body moves differently/body mechanics are off and endurance is limited.  I can see how many mothers just get frustrated and want to give up.  But don’t give up!  It is all worth it.  It is a worthwhile challenge and I am here to support you.

*Please ignore the mess in this video…we were *still* having housework done.