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Postpartum Workout – Kickboxing – 35 minutes

22 Jul

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Over the past year my entire life has changed.  Almost one year ago I moved from New York City to Kansas City.  I left my job, my friends, and my home of 16 years.  Soon after I moved, I gave birth to my son.  He is 8 months old now and he is truly amazing.

I left an entire identity in New York. My new identity is still evolving as I have yet to find my place is in this new world of mine.   Yes, clearly I’m a mom.  That is most important.  So finding the ‘me’ somewhere in that mom-hood is taking some time.  This includes finding outlets for me to focus on my personal passions that will, in turn, make me a better mom.    One of my passions is working out-pushing things, pulling things, and swinging things.  So I continue to make every effort to take anywhere from 20- 40 minutes on most days of the week to get my workouts in.  It clears my mind and hopefully this clarity will enable me to find…well…me!

I encourage you to find what it is that makes you feel great.  Make time to do it, even if it is a few minutes per day.  It makes a world of difference.  I’ll be here to support you!