Kettlebell – 30 minutes

4 Aug


Vamping back up into my pre-pregnancy KB routines.  My son is almost 9 months now. My body is not as lean as it was pre-pregnancy and therefore I am still a few sizes larger.  However I feel good and strong and I am focused on re-gaining muscle.  It truly is a challenge to attain ones fitness level postpartum.  I now understand this more than ever and I want to tell the moms out there I understand and it is completely normal.  Instead of being frustrated about it, remember that although you may have some extra pounds now, you also have an amazing little human.  Love the body that gave you this gift and that will lead you the right direction.

To those who wish to improve their fitness level this message applies to you as well.  Perhaps you are just setting out on your road to fitness, or maybe you are post-surgery or injury, or maybe you are trying to re-gain the health and fitness you once had–STAY FOCUSED and BE PATIENT.  Your goal is a great one and it will be reached in time.  There are no quick fixes, only lifestyle changes over time that will lead you there.




One Response to “Kettlebell – 30 minutes”

  1. ally xo 08/07/2013 at 8:36 pm #

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! You rock girl!! xo

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