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Body Bar and Hurdles – 20 minutes

29 Nov

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Frequently changing your workout routine is important.  It prevents overuse injuries, muscle imbalances and boredom.  You can change your workout routine by alternating between various pieces of equipment, by varying the movement of your body (try to do more lateral movements and rotations) and by changing the amount of resistance (which will mean changing set and repetition amount).  If you only have a few pieces of equipment to choose from, do research or talk to a trainer and find out different movements/exercises that you can execute with what you have.  And do not underestimate bodyweight training and calisthenics.  It requires no equipment at all and can be even more challenging than using equipment. In this video I am using my new hurdles.  They were just what I needed to get re-motivated.

Note: I do have a co-star in this video.  He is watching my form very carefully.