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Jump Rope and Kettlebell – 30 minutes

19 Jan


Cardio is anything that gets your heart rate up and into your target zone.  There are generalized target zones that you can find on equipment or online.  However, finding your individualized target zone can be much more effective and allow for better use of your work-out time.  Using age and resting heart rate to determine target zones enables for more accuracy.  Zones may also be altered by current physical health and medications, so it is important to take that information into account.

Once your target zone is determined, you can do whatever it is that you love to do in order to get your heart rate into your zone for at least 20 minutes (not including warm up and cool down).  To reduce boredom and to prevent overuse injuries, it is recommended to cross train, or change activities now and then (or even every time).  I love kettlebelling, kickboxing, running, plyometrics, rebounding, step, and doing compound movements (full body movements) with various pieces of equipment in order to do cardio.  Whatever it is I chose to do, I simply monitor my heart rate to ensure it stays within my individualized zone.  It is that simple.

So with all that in mind, I decided to try something new…jump roping! It never was my thing before, but I just went for it.  When my son is napping, I can just go down into our dungeon-looking basement and jump away.

Whether it is hoola-hooping, unicycling, pole-dancing, or parkour…go for it.  No judgement (so long as your heart rate is in your zone:)!

*The 12kg blue kettlebell that you see here is typically used for Girevoy sport or competitive kettlebell lifting.  The shape, size and weight of sport kettlebells are quite different than the ‘hardstyle’ kbs that are often found in gyms.  Therefore, the form and body movements used are completely different.  I do not recommend using the Girevoy kettlebells without instruction from a certified kettlebell sport instructor. These are NOT your regular fitness or workout bells.