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16kg Kettlebell – 30 Minutes

25 Feb



Come on SPRING!  Frigid temperatures, snowfall, and cloudy skies can be quite un-motivating for some (including me).  As much as I miss being outdoors in the sun and breeze, I am attempting to maintain my workout routines indoors.  What keeps me inspired is reading research journals, taking personal training and group fitness courses, and finding and connecting with other like-minded fitness professionals and exercise enthusiasts.  From this I am able to get fresh new ideas and perspectives that keep me going and growing.

My clients are quite inspiring as well.   They are dedicated to lifelong fitness, health and wellness in their lives. And this winter has been a time of great fitness progress for them.  They keep me focused and ahead of the game.  Hopefully I can get some video footage of them to share soon (lets see if they are reading this….:).  

Anyway, find what it is that keeps you inspired and keep pushing forward…

*The 16kg yellow kettlebell that you see here is typically used for Girevoy sport or competitive kettlebell lifting.  The shape, size and weight of sport kettlebells are different than the ‘hardstyle’ kbs that are often found in gyms.  Therefore, the form and body movements used for the cleans, jerks and snatches are different.  I do not recommend using the Girevoy kettlebells without instruction from a certified kettlebell sport instructor. These are NOT your regular fitness or workout bells.  


Hurdles – 20 minutes

2 Feb

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This one combines bodyweight exercises with the use of hurdles.  Just trying to mix it up a bit!  Spring can’t come soon enough.  I am craving some hill drills, outdoor running, and park workouts.