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Getting back into routine after…digressing

10 Jul


It happens.  We gain some, we lose some.  Sometimes the pounds or inches creep up without us realizing and sometimes we get some well-earned pounds or inches.  Either way, once you catch it, you can make the needed changes to your fitness routines or diet and keep moving forward.  Travel and vacations are when I tend to gain pounds and inches. I do consistently workout when traveling, however my eating habits completely shift to more carbohydrates and sugars.  My most recent vacation was no exception and now I am faced with the challenge of getting back to my routines and back to feeling healthy.

Whether you are not feeling good because you are out of routine or because you have not had a well-balanced routine for a while, accept the challenge to make some changes and move forward.  Even if you have minimal time to focus on yourself during the day, start with making simple nutritional changes in your diet and start moving more.  You will begin to see and feel changes which will motivate you even further.




Eliminating ‘Problem’ Areas

17 May

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There is no invention or contraption that can, alone, eliminate ‘problem’ areas.  Whether it is a tighter tummy, more defined upper arms, or smaller inner thighs that you are looking for, you need to do aerobic exercise.  Aerobic exercise is exercise that elevates your heart rate and uses fat stored within the body for energy.  Doing aerobic exercise will reduce fat and doing strength training will tone/build muscles and enhance muscle endurance.  The more muscle we have, the more calories we burn at rest! The final piece in the puzzle is to maintain a nutritional low-fat diet.

Additional advice: vary your training and make it fun!  Here is how I chose to complete my aerobic training and strength training using the plyo box.