I am here, I am pregnant, and I am still going at it…

1 Oct

I am still here and I am still working out!  The last post I made was in March and I was in my first trimester of pregnancy then.  Now I am in my 3rd trimester and I am still at it.  I intended to do some blogging of my experiences with working out throughout my pregnancy, however life got in the way.

Not only have I been growing this little person inside of me, I have also moved.  Packing up to move across the country while working full-time and pregnant has been quite feat.  But, I have finally moved and am beginning to settle in my new home.  I am happy to be back to some sort of normal routine.

I have learned so much about what the body is capable of during my pregnancy.  Pregnancy is amazing.  Each woman experiences pregnancy differently and must follow what their body and their doctor is telling them.  There is no one correct pregnancy fitness routine.  For this reason, I had not been recording my routines throughout my pregnancy as my fitness routine is personalized to my fitness level, health, body changes, doctor advice, and how I am feeling as I go.  I have decided to begin recording some of pregnancy workouts and share some of my experiences in hopes to re-connect with you and possibly to motivate. These videos will be posted soon!


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